Killing more trees with too much useless paper - conservation

Each month I receive a paper statement for the USAA Mastercard.  It is usually 1 page.  But I also get a long page of additional disclosures. a partial page of a convenience check and fee schedule for it and a lot of empty white space.  Finally, I also get a partial page of Transaction Dispute Form and a lot of white space.  These 3 pages month after month are put through the shredder because they have references to my account number.  

Suggestion:  Do away with all this extra junk.  1.  Send the disclosures once a year or whenever there is a change or once when a new card is issued like the other credit cards I have.  2.  Send the convenience check once a year or only upon request for a cash advance.  3.  Put the Transaction Dispute Form on the website or send when someone actually has a dispute.

SAVE A TREE and wear and tear on my shredder.


PS.  I prefer paper statements as reminders to pay my bills unfortunately and don't want to rely upon email reminders getting confused with the large amount of junk email.


Federal law says your going to get those disclosures, and USAA wanting to make money is why you get the checks. Annoying but isn't too much info better than not enough?
Why not just sign up for online statements and avoid receiving any paper at all? Mark the calendar or program your phone so you remember to pay your bills.

Paperless billing. I have never received a single piece of paper for any of my USAA banking or insurance products. If I need something on paper, I print it myself...  which really is only auto insurance cards, the occassional declaration page, or bank statements for a home purchase.


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