July, 2021 Secured Credit Card

Late 2018





USAA cited a release date for the Secured Credit Card for July, 2021 and it appears that this has not come to fruition. What is the problem? what is the hold up? Why lie?


Also new U.I and new other stuff for the App was supposed to LAUNCH a while ago? WTF?

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@MyMelhado, Yes the secured card is definitely taking longer than expected. Until further notice we will not be offering them right now. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. I am forwarding your concerns now. ~Tom

Hello @MyMelhado, at this time we do not have a date of when the secure card will be available to our members. I have forwarded your feedback regarding this. -Colleen

How about you release the freaking card? :)

It’s a secured card nothing complicated. Why is this being delayed? Are you introducing something different from the traditional secured card ?

Watch. When they come out with it, they're going to make it go by incredibly conservative lending guidelines, people will require a score of 620 with no baddies on it at all. Their *new* secured card will not be for people are trying to rebuild or new to credit. 


I don't know why 4 years is a requirement to *improve* a secured card. That is incredibly ridiculous.