Usaa locked my credit card and ability to make atm cash withdrawals becuSe I didn't notify them I was going on vacation. Still not resolved after four phone calls and guarantees it was fixed. Waiting for a phone call back from a manager.  After 38 years of banking with Usaa one afternoon has caused me to lose confidence in Usaa banking. 


This certainly isn't what we like to hear @RGP97HDRK, and I apologize for the frustration this has created for you. I will ensure this feedback is forwarded to the appropriate team for review. - Cathleen

A few years ago I went out the country and that happened to me I could pay for the rental car, but after a while they stop blocking mine, I travel through out the US for work and have no problems at all 

Doesn't matter even if you let them by phone or their website of an upcoming trip. A few years ago, I had their Visa card. Whenever I'd travel to Italy and try to use it, the transactions would be denied. Happened regularly and I finally got tired of it. Had to constantly pull out my NFCU card to get me out of a tough situation. When I reported it to USAA, the crickets were deafening. I also couldn't understand why pending charges were not being posting immediately when the card was swipped. Then they give you the runaround if you try to report a suspicious charge. Closed my USAA card in the process a long with all my bank/investment accounts almost three years. Had been with them since the mid 1980s.

Usaa cannot fix my credit card nor my atm card despite multiple attempts and promises

@RGP97HDRK - I would recommend you initiate a secured chat by clicking the blue Ask USAA link on the Account Summary page. This will allow you to chat with a representative that can go over both the credit card and the ATM card with you to ensure both are active and available for use. - Cathleen


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