My family all uses usaa. Ive been a member for almost 5 years the first time i was in need of help i needed a rental car. Usaa refused to cover because it was the other drivers fault i needed to talk to the other drivers insurance to get them to give me a rental... needless to say i ended up paying from my pocket after a few frustrating calls between both insurances... I decided to stay with usaa but recently came into a situation thats affected my life for the worst i was in an accident that was blamed on me. I called my "trusty" insurance to inform them and get there coverage ..turns out they can cancel your auto pays even if you didnt know. There response was we sent you an email... i never saw this email i never got a call i never got a letter in the mail either so now ive been left with no insurance trying to figure out how i can pay for my car which has been in the garage for a couple weeks now still needing to support my family with my 2 month year old baby girl and best part because there was no insurance during the accident now im in more financial trouble with the lease company plus the other driver is after me. So if your looking for a company that is for the people this isnt it. Thanks for letting me pay years of insurance just to be rejected like i was never a member. I understand this is there policy i just wish a company like this wasn't so black and white as a member we need your support and with out it people like me can crumble so easily as told in this story.