I noticed it too. Im following every transaction with a keen eye. And yes they're clearing small charges first and then the big ones towards the end, this will prompt an overdraft fee. I have also heard USAA hired a prior BoA employee or CEO of some sort. USAA please don't do it. I beg you not to do it. You will end up in the same boat. You will be sued left and right like BoA. 


Thanks. Best of luck & brighter days to you, sir or ma'am.
Chaun I completely understand your frustration. I switched banks for my paycheck direct deposit and with my employer (Ga Dept of Corrections) you have to go two pay cycles with a paper check. I deposited my paycheck and had an available balance of $500 and was told the rest would be on hold until Tuesday. Woke up this morning attempted to pay bill and was declined. Called customer service and was told I have a negative balance and my entire check would be held until Thursday. I was told there was an error and $500 never should have been made available. As a result two transactions I made yesterday have caused my account to be in the negative and I'm possibility facing two NSF fees that I can't afford. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of assets like DSTEXAS so i guess they felt the need to hold my entire paycheck. Like many other Americans I work but still live paycheck to paycheck. So until Thursday I don't know how I will make it. To add insult injury the USAA Executive Escalation rep wanted to offer me an alternative resolution and that was to get a USAA credit card so in the future I can get a cash advance if this happens again. I really had to restrain myself! I'm seriously starting to think that i've made a huge mistake switching banks.



You should definitely escalate the issue if they made the error.  They should at least remove all NSF Fees and bring your balance back to positive.


I'm not rich - far from it.  In your case, you have opened a new account.  When I first opened my account, a hold was placed on any paper checks I deposited.    This is common practice in the banking industry.  The purpose is to stop new account fraud, where someone opens a new account, deposits a bad check and removes the funds before the check clears then disappears.


Could you not have continued to deposit your paper checks in your old bank until your direct deposit started?  If you had a good relationship with that bank, they would probably fronted the funds until the checks cleared. 

Dear Leslie,

Please give us a call here at 1-800-531-8722 so a banking specialist can look into what is happening with your accounts. We apologize for the trouble this has caused thus far. We look forward to hearing form you.

DSTexas is a USAA proxy. This is deceptive, USAA.

DGM and just maybe your a proxy for State Farm! ;)

As I've deposited other checks via mobile with no problem and a few being personal checks, I never thought this would have happened. As I stated my employer requires two pay cycles with paper checks while the change goes through "prenote" whatever that is. This was a valuable lesson for me and next pay period I will go to my old bank to cash the check.

WOW now I am concerned about were USAA stands I did a search for USAA and Bank Of America in one line, and found this post, the reason for the search is because I am in the middle of a unnecessary long struggle with a Auto claim with USAA! but that is besides the point what I am baffled about is USAA sent me 2 Checks for part of a payout on a Comp Claim and both checks have USAA in the upper left corner but on the bottom the issuing bank is Bank Of America?? I have almost all services available from USAA including Checking and savings accounts Home and Auto Insurance! all my checks say they are issued by USAA not BOA! why is money from a USAA insurance claim originating from BOA???? does USAA have accounts with BOA for paying on claims? this does not make sense!!! why would a Bank use another bank to disperse money? I asked a rep about this today and he said I cant comment on it?  Are they getting ready to be taken over by BOA? like Bank Of America has done to a lot other banks?



I have sent this over to a claims specialist for review. They will be in touch with you to review your claim and answer any questions you may have. Thank you.