I wasn't asking for help with a claim I have learned to expect this from USAA, I am still owed a deductible from a claim against directv from overy 4 years ago, USAA has the info needed to go after directv but seems too  afraid of dtv! Like most peop,e are! My post was out of concern for USAA as a bank? And why the are issuing checks drawn on Bank Of America?  I love the banking but not if USAA is under control of BOA! As fast as insurance goes I can say there is about a 90% chance I will go somewere else because after 2 really bad claim experiences my blood pressure can't handle another one I have had to do most of the leg work on behalf of USAA for both claims something I have never had to do with any insurance company in my life.

OMG. We are not dumb , I was suspicious of all of this Bank of America in the background. I will go to whoever this is not cool whatsoever. USAA, shame on you if you're bringing such a despicable institution to represent us. HAven't you learned from their faith? 

I'm leaning towards them turning into BofA. I was with BofA prior to USAA .I am now noticing the same patterns happening . Where my charges used to come out immediately in the order received they now charge them lowest to highest each day,BUT that being said it's not on the day the charges were made. They cannot state they were unaware and the items posted later . I Will see them that same day..and they are removed the next day or two. No longer is my available balance correct. That was the drawing point to me using this bank..accurate available balances.Now obviously I don't expect a check or ach to be posted on the day initiated but I do expect It with debit/credit charges that use an automated system. Never been a problem until the last month or so.Top it off with the issue of my husbands bank card being selective of where it's used . yes there is money in the account when he uses it.
After my recent experiences with scripted customer service I'm switching everything to a local credit union I used before my husband did his military time.



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