Please tell me how this company is helpful. All I see on here is negative feedback and I promise you that USAA would have been forced to shut it's doors a long time ago. Please give me some good examples of how this company worked for you. I just got hooked up with these guys and am nervous already looking at these poor reviews.


I love USAA. I have never had 1 negative experience and currently have 2 auto loans and a boat loan through them. I have had many previous loans. I do all my banking with them including credit cards. They make everything so easy for me. I have never had more than 8 minutes tied up in a loan process from applying to receiving money.

The reason for only seeing negative comments is because most people don't go out of their way to praise. I only found this post while exploring my app while in a waiting room. People WILL go out of their way if they feel they are done wrong.

I love USAA and will continue to do all my banking with them. I don't always love the commercials or seeing how big they have gotten but that is due to my own personal issues with change. Hopefully their services doesn't fall off like most other companies who grow.

USAA is my primary source for banking services. My wife and I still use a local bank, but most every loan and credit card I use is USAA. As well as Auto-Insurance. Love my rate and the few claims I've had, have been easy to deal with.

For most not having a local brick-and-mortar or face to look at is no big deal.

They haven't gotten everything right for everybody, but you'll find a higher satisfaction rate at USAA.



It is absolutely necessary to have a local bank! Trying to deposit cash by means of money order or cashiers check with USAA does not mean you will have access to it. They feel the need to put 8 day holds on those "cash deposits". If you encounter the representatives that I have, I have no doubt you will not be as gungho USAA. Happy Holidays :-)

Dear ACR68,

Thank you for your comments. I have responded to your other post here. Thank you

Hi Psmith1129,

Welcome to USAA and thank you for posting. I can understand how reading posts in the community could worry you a bit. We make every effort to address each comment and issue reported here in the community and get our members connected with the help and assistance they need.


There are so great testimonials out there too (like the two commenters on this thread, and like this post from a happy member shared today.


We hope that you continue to post here in the community and let us know if you have any questions or concerns! Thank you again for taking the time to post and for your membership!

I go out of my way to praise when it is justified. Anyone who would like to know the BS USAA has put me and my elderly mother through feel free to email me! Happy Holidays

USAA holds all of my accounts, Insurance, and CC debt. As an educated user of "money" and "technology", I can not be more proud to hand over my USAA debit/CC to a cashier. (USAA cards should glow a special color so everyone know you have the best bank) The posts on the Member Community can be tough to read sometimes. Bad things happen to everyone everyday. However, when you have all of your transactions process correctly, and low price quality insurance, it's just another reason to thank my dad for his service and affording me the opportunity to be a part of such an awesome company such as USAA. Bad/weird/strange/unfortunate things happen. Oh, and USAA doesn't ruin Christmas, money does..
Ruining my Christmas has nothing to do with money but with unecessary stress. Furthermore my dad was locked in a box and imprisoned for 6 years during the Vietnam War in Hanoi . I assure you he would be disgusted by the the rudeness and lack of respect I have been shown. I am thrilled you have such a beautiful relationship with USAA however perhaps if you venture out on the world wide Web you will see the complants of so many others who have not been as fortunate as you to have had such a blissful relationship with USAA.
Exactly, its stress that's ruining our Christmas. Account under review, having no money in my pocket, waiting and waiting for a call. Supposed to be happy around the holidays, not stressing out over a bank that doesn't give you explanations to why its under review and keeps telling me 3 business days when its been a week. Can't do anything but wait...and b stressed out