USAA?? Tick tock....seems like they stopped caring about their members. Can I please get a response regarding my issue????
USAA this forum is a total joke if you can't address the concerns of your members.

Tonight is the last straw...I am a 15+ year member and a grandson of a late Ret. AF Colonel who served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. One of his lasting legacies was to pass on the value of a USAA membership. Over the last 6 years I have been trying to get USAA to address and correct the unfair issue they have with regards to the USAA Secured Credit Card not being able to graduate and the only option is closing it after you have a been approved for unsecured card, thus hurting you credit because your closing the oldest credit line. Today, after 6 months of them not returning my phone calls, emails, posts here, I get a letter in my documents and my latest posts here DELETED. The letter below is so inaccurate and unacceptable that I have no other choice but to systematically start leaving USAA. I'll move my banking to my local credit union, which by the way offers better rates than USAA does for interest on checking and savings, oh also by the way on mortgage products too (3.375% for a 30 year)! The last thing for me to move will be my Auto, but trust me, I will move it! USAA is not the personal company it used to be. WHAT A SHAME.unnamed - 2019-09-06T210124.936.jpg

Yes it's dead

Yes, your response was from last Sep 2019.  And the advocate was kind enough to provide her extension number.  But my trial last week was met with "We no longer provide our direct extensions", meaning I have to go through hoops to get to the advocacy manager.  Still, the rep today said the same thing . . . no news, no report . . . which leaves thousands of members with no more hope.  To think they actually had a page last year that said by December 2019.  Gone of the page.

Thanks for the feedback @Michael Newman. We appreciate your interest in the secured card. - Jesse 

Nothing else to say USAA??????
Update: can't believe I trust these guys with my money. I'm canceling my accounts.

"we are continuing to work on enhancing the Secured Card product to better fit our members’ needs to build or re-build their credit. Currently, it is not available for new applications. We expect Secured Card applications will return by July 2021. Existing Secured Cards are still available for use without interruption. ~DC"