I dont need a canned response,  or another broken promise to provide a follow up that never happens,  I have read enough of them here since last year and its not even funny any more.  What I want is some better specifics. "New secured card coming" can mean 20 years from now.



@tampa3, We have received your message and will forward to the appropriate area. Thank you for the opportunity to address your questions and concerns. Have a great week. ~ Lori C. 

I just want to thank USAA for giving me a call this week and letting me know that card isnt dead.  


From what I gathered from the phone call,  It sounded like there was some technical issues with the existing platform,  and they are trying as hard as they can to move forward.  I know how frustrated all of us secured card holders are,  people who want a secured card,  but it sounds like they are working on the issue.  The closest thing I could get on a timeframe was that sometime this year it is susposed to go live.

Hello @tampa3, I'm glad your questions were addressed during the phone call. Our goal is to provide our members with the best products and services possible that will offer not only the best benefits but also convenience and security.

We appreciate your patience and understanding while we work on improving this product for our members. Have a great weekend. ~ Lori C

USAA: can I please get a call back??!!? Its unfair that you call one member back on this issue but not another member that has been trying to get an issue resolved for over 6 years!!

@MarkMM, Thanks for reaching out to us. I will forward your request for a follow up with a subject matter expert. - Ben

I'll be waiting....would really appreciate it if USAA would return my countless messages on this issue.
USAA: Still waiting....can you please respond??
Ben: still haven't had the "follow up with a subject matter expert"

Is USAA EVER going to RESPOND to my ISSUE????
USAA???? Can you please respond to my multiple inquiries?? Your members deserve better treatment.