Is anyone else getting error messages when downloading into QUICKEN

I am consistently getting an error in Quicken when I synch my Quicken for Mac data file saying  that USAA's systems are having a problem synching data with "Quicken Cloud Services".  l keep sending the error message generated to the "Quicken Development Team" but for or some strange reason, I suspect that the problem is not coming from Quicken's side of the equation.

I have no idea how to notify USAA's "Part-Time" system maintenance staff short of writing letters to USAA's Chief Executive Officer, Wayne Peacock.  That action generates a more satisfying response than speaking with USAA's onboard staff tasked with assisting customers having problems with their Website.  One can get aggressive with them and they will then generate a "Trouble Ticket" for the Contracted maintenance staff who then flag the "Trouble Ticket" closed without taking any action.  


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I am have an unbelievable number of  down loading issues with QUICKEN  mac that at the end of my service I am pulling the plug.  All center around connection with usaa.  Help desk at Quicken blames usaa but any fix they do last a few weeks at best.  I called USAA once and never again.  I had Quicken since 1994 no problems until I switched from MS to Apple.


Hi there @pcdasdm  We are sorry to hear about the trouble you are having. Please contact our web support team for troubleshooting assistance with Quicken. They may be reached at 210-531-8722 or 877-632-3002. ~JD