Is anybody else having trouble with the mobile app?

I've been using the mobile app every since I can remember, with no trouble. And all of a sudden it's a buggy mess. Tried to deposit checks the way I always have, on the background I've always used, with the endorsement as I've always done it. Now all of a sudden it can't take a picture of the checks. It would take one, then not the next identical one. Error messages all over the place. Using two different devices, so that wasn't the problem. I called and was told I should photograph the check upside down (because that makes sense) against a black background. Worked for a while, then that stopped working. I endorsed them all identically, but some went through and others gave me error messages that they needed to be endorsed with special verbiage about mobile deposit and my entire account number. Which it never needed before. So I deleted those checks from the deposit, then went back in and started a new deposit with the same endorsement, and they went through. Took me an hour to deposit six checks.


A virtual bank is only as good as its mobile app. If there were some major known issues that they were scrambling to fix, I would understand. But this is just absurd. I've been thinking about departing for a while. This may be the last straw.


Hello @Dodey4Life and thank you for reaching out to us. There are currently no known issues. If you are experiencing this issue while attempting to use our mobile app, uninstall and reinstall the app. If the problem is not resolved, please contact 210-531-8722 to speak with our Website Support Team. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.  ~Sarah