Just received our ATM / VISA debit card. I don't care for the debit card feature. Is it possible to get a card that works solely as an ATM card? I didn't see an option for requesting such a card on usaa.com.


I don't understand why USAA is pushing this joint ATM / debit card feature. Since the VISA number can be used to make online purchases this means my money is LESS secure (forget that chip nonsense -- that doesn't work with online payments). With an ATM-only card miscreants must have physical access to the card before they can cause grief.







Thank you for posting today in Member Communities. I will be happy to assist you with your concerns. While we no longer have the option to issue a card without the Visa logo, we do have an alternate solution to provide for you. Please send a secured message on usaa.com requesting that the credit and cash advance features be removed from your card. In addition, please include the last 4 digits of your card number in the message and we will be happy to make the necessary updates. We do need the request in writing and that is why we ask that you send a secured message at your convenience. Thank you. - Rhonda  

Ah, very good! Thanks for the response!

I have tried using the ATM but it rejects the transaction. When making a withdraw from another banks ATM I get asked to select Checking, Savings, or Credit. I select Checking and it says Checking not authorized and kicks me off the ATM. This ATM card Suks

Hey there! Can we chat with you? Please login and review the message we sent on usaa.com. It will have a link to chat with us. Looking forward to chatting soon! ~Jen