For the longest time USAA had the fastest ACH transfers in the banking industry.  A transfer initiated on any weekday during business hours would always reach your external bank account the following working day early in the morning.  Now, however, USAA transfer times are the absolute slowest in the industry.  They can now take 3 to 5 business days.  

Is this a sign that USAA has a liquidity problem and now needs to hold our money as long as possible?  A colleague of mine has family that is with the Fed and claims that the first thing a bank does when they have liquidity problems is delay outgoing payments.  

When I called USAA to ask, the representative I spoke with was clueless.  I hesitate to state she absolutely lied to me, but what she stated had no basis in fact whatsoever and she clearly had no idea what she was talking about.  


Hello @FullBird. All ACH transactions have to be sent through the federal reserve. This is the reason it can take a few  business days to clear or post. This has always been the normal time frame for both incoming transfers from an external bank and also sending transfers or payments to an external bank. I will forward your feedback regarding this. -Colleen

You must be confused.  

I have been with USAA for over 30 years and although ACH transfers do go through the Fed, they have *never* taken a "few business days".  Each and every one of the thousands of ACH transfers I have initiated with USAA have taken precisely two business days counting the business day in which the transaction was initiated.  That is, until recently.  The last two look like they will take 5 business days.


That, to me, is a sign of financial distress.

I appreciate the feedback, @FullBird. When you initiate an ACH transfer to an external account, and it's requested before the cutoff time for that business day, it can take 2-3 business days to post to the external account. The biggest factors in the speed of the transfer is what time you initiated the original request, and the posting times of the external institution. And, remember, the transfer can only move during regular business hours, which doesn't include weekends and holidays. If you're concerned about a specific transfer, please initiate a secured chat by clicking the Ask USAA link on the Account Summary page. A representative would be happy to look into the transfer for you, and confirm any details. - Cathleen

Full Bird,

This requires some connecting of dots.

1)  USAA 'steals' the money sent to the poorest of the poor  by stealing stimulus checks.

2) USAA no longer is a 'one stop shop' for financial needs, a goal of theirs for decades.  They just sold their investment business to Schwab for billions to pocket the cash.

3) Insurance rates have sky rocketed.  My car and home is up over $100 a month in the last 18 months.

4) Customer no service is exploding.  Computers and machines talking to you now.

5)  USAA cuts, without notice, credit card limits across the board. In some cases by 95%! From  $20,000 to $500.

6)  They were the last insurance company to announce rebates due to Covid-19.  Also earned a C- grade while most earned A's and B's with their responses.  In other words they didn't lead, they were shamed into it.

You think this is how a well capitalized insurance company operates?  No.  I think they are in deep financial trouble.

Waiting now for the censors.....



Amen. You might as well be talking to an automoton as to talk to a USAA CSR and that isn't a slam on the CSR's it's the training that they aren't given and the poor scripts that they ar given that are causing this organization to be a sliver of what it once was.

I had an outgoing ACH transfer reversed without explanation.  I opened a trouble ticket with chat and was told to check back the next day for status.  When I did so, I was advised that "researching the incident could take 3-5 business days".  The end of that period is tomorrow (26 May).


Good thing it wasn't a critical transfer to cover an urgent bill.

Probably poor form to reply to my own post but apparently there is no "edit" option for older posts.


Checked in with chat today (26 May); no surprise, there is no update now with no estimate of when the issue will be reviewed ("There typically is not a given time frame with IT cases.").  It would be nice if the answers were reasonably consistent, to allow for some level of planning.


I'm going to try my transfer again just to see what happens.  Might try a different receiving institution this time.