Is USAA falling behind on Tech?

So after years I finally closed a secured Credit Card account. Reason is that all I wanted was to be able to graduate that account and upgrade the card to unsecured and pull out the collateral (5k) this helped me when my credit was at its worst but over time is hurting me to know that money was just seating there not been helpful. All other banks have a feature to upgrade/downgrade cards with in the same account but not USAA now they even stopped offering the secured CC. This is an example of many other things of how USSA started going backwards. Since 2015 fintech has improved massively and USAA is just the same they even sold their investment department because they couldn’t handle it. What is going on is the CEO just giving up or too old school or what’s happening? The little flex I use to have when saying I bank with USAA is not there anymore now is becoming embarrassing and annoying to to know the limitation they offer
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Try Aspiration.