Is USAA allowing our accounts to be monitored by the government/ IRS?

I heard that Mr. Biden wants to monitor our bank accounts, is this happening?

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Congress passes the law, USAA is obligated to follow it.
The Patriot Act made your account information accessible by the government years ago.

Catch up.

Go to thes website below.  It has a one minute video about policies that are in the works (not passed yet) that would require all banks to share business and personal account information and transactions with the IRS, whether you consent to this or not.


Has USAA sent out a notice to it's members about the bank account monitoring that is going through Congress?  If so, how could I find it?  If not, does anyone know why we, as members, haven't been notified of these possible policies, so we could contact our federal reps to stop this in its tracks.  I bank with several banks, and Alliance Bank out of Sulphur Springs, TX was courteous enought to noftify it's account holders of these possible policies.

You heard incorrectly.  Try some real news instead of the FAUX stuff.



Looks as if they heard correctly but I'm sure it couldn't have come from the "Faux" stuff, had to be the reliable other major media outlets.