Is Launching a New Secured Credit Card Product Really Rocket Science?

USAA used to have a secured credit card product that was ideal for youngsters and new service members who needed to establish credit.  Approximately a year ago they discontinued that product stating they would soon be launching a "new & improved" version for the first quarter of 2020.  Here we are approaching the third quarter, and USAA has yet to keep their word.


Is it really that difficult to launch a secured credit card product?  USAA is making it look like it's rocket science.  

Meanwhile, when it comes to new servicemembers who are looking for the financial tools necessary to establish credit and manage their finances, we now refer them to Navy Federal Credit Union instead of USAA as we once did.  


Thank you for sharing this feedback @FullBird. I will forward this to a subject matter expert for further review. -Colleen

What a canned cop-out response!?!? First we were told "We plan to re-launch the secured cards in 2019. The date has not yet been determined." THEN we were told the "first part of 2020"! NOW we're told a sme will look into it?!?!? USAA WTF!!!!! What a disservice to our service members! Re1launch this card now. Also please address what the fix will be to existing secured card holders about credit limit increases, graduation, and rewards NOW, you have had current holders in a frozen pattern for YEARS NOW ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

Watch them release the card with no new features or rewards and then watch them deny people with bad credit. Unbelievable .

USAA has been spouting this same drivel for two years now.  

@usaa product development does not take this long and is not new in design. Please advise as why it’s taking additional time to release this product or if there are just plans to drop this product type.

Dear @batman23


I appreciate your interest in the secured credit card. During the first half of 2020, we expect to provide a date when applications will return. This should be soon! - Jesse 

Thanks for the response. Since we are already in June, I would expected this update to be released within 30 days ? Thanks in advance for your upcoming response.
@Fullbird, I set up accounts for both my daughters at NFCU. True customer service when it came to getting their cards. They were actually able to get their CCs without me having to sign. They offered them both options. USAA as we knew it decades ago is long gone when it comes to services. The only thing they seem to be getting better with, is with the number of commercials to market themselves. 😉
Update: can't believe I trust these guys with my money. I'm canceling my accounts.

"we are continuing to work on enhancing the Secured Card product to better fit our members’ needs to build or re-build their credit. Currently, it is not available for new applications. We expect Secured Card applications will return by July 2021. Existing Secured Cards are still available for use without interruption. ~DC"