Experiencing a little buyers remorse.  I took my investments from USAA to a competitor in 2017, where my overall "member experience" has been less than ideal. I am curious to get feedback from members that  were with USAA Investments in 2017 and "survived" the Victory Capital/Schwab transition here that who span if things at Victory Capital have settled down.  I've read so many reviews that thing are so disorganized in the current Victory Capital/Schwab set up, that moving money there might be one step forward and two steps back.  Thanks in advance for your input.

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Just my opinion, but Schwab has been doing a good job. Their website/online tools work well. Our financial advisor has been helpful and not constantly calling to push some new product. We're pleased so far.

Hello, @samarathoner. Thank you for reaching out. I'm concerned about your experience on the investments side of thigs, and I am currently engaging their team for further support on this. We appreciate you hanging in there. ~ Steven

You didn't really READ the OP, did you?





OP, I have no experience here or with Schwabb, but if you're eligible for the Federal Thrift Savings Program, that's done fairly well.