Investments not updated 28 hours after markets closed. Why?

Why does it take over 24 hours for USAA to update many of my investment products? It has now been almost 28 hours since the markets closed on Friday, and there has been no daily update to any of my stocks or ETFs. Why? I depend on reasonably timely updates to my investments to help me determine their status -- and to make decisions for the coming day/weeks. I urge you to contact the contractor who services your website and fix this problem. It is a long-standing issue with me. I am patient, but over 24 hours after market closing, all products should have been updated. Some of the data is even clearly wrong. I need your help on this. Thanks!


The indifference and apathy towards customers continues........

Honestly, move to Charles Schwab. It's simply a much much better company. The online account access is spectacular. It updates constantly, literally streaming.  The mutual funds update promptly a couple hours after the market closes. The service reps are great, absolutely top notch. They want your business. USAA reps often seem to be completely indifferent. I wonder if the pay is simply too low. I've had a few good ones. 


But Schwab will help your out. 


Thank you for your post. I'm sorry for your frustration with your investment products. Your concerns were escalated for review and someone will reach out to you.

The difference is this-USAA invests your money in the stock market and will average 12% on their investment (your money) then graciously pay you 1-4% for the USAA "units" they sell you at the % they choose to pay you. Basic business model.
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