Hi all- I am 31 years old, i filed bankruptcy back in february of this year. After which i was able to be completly debt free with the help of a work bonus and a friend letting me purchase a car from her with payments. 


Ive now gotten an unexpected payout from my grandparents (my father was to get this per their will, but he is passed so it was split between my fathers children. I now have a little more than 14K... and no idea what to do with it. I have no children or anything to worry about more than my two pets. No home, currently renting. And because of my bad finanical past i have no 401K or any investments. 


I was thinking i would speak to my work 401K provider as i plan to start having that taken out of my check here soon. i know there is somehting like a maximum with them. but is there anything someone recommends over the other investment type? I have been privy to some differences in 401K roth vs traditional and personally prefer the ROTH option for the long term. 


I like the Roth IRA but know that you will be limited to $6000 per year deposit until age 50 and then you can deposit up to $7000.


You'll have to park the remainder elsewhere for a year or so.