My husband retired about a year or so ago. We recently sold our home (7 months ago), and cleared about 175K. We then purchased another one for 167,000, using about 75K and now have a mortgage of 100, 000. We immediately remodeled the kitchen on the new place, bought new applicances, etc. After all that we have about 65,000 in our savings and everyday I hear my husband talking about a new project, a storage shed, an new fence, etc. I still work, but at a lower wage than I was acustomed to in the past  and I am worried that we will be at poverty's door when I retire. How would you advise us to invest the money we have left?


Dear Connie1,

I encourage you to call our team of financial advisors here at USAA who can give you personalized advice based on your situation! USAA has Financial Planning and Advice tools that are available to you for no cost, this is all part of your membership. Within this, there is a Retirement Planner, Retirement Income Advisor and Retirement Guide. You are also able to get someone on the phone to directly assist you: 1-800-771-9960. I wish you and your husband a happy and healthy retirement together!

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