Is there a "advantage" to going through USAA for investing with Schwab?


I am also interested in the investment options via USAA with Schwab - what are the servicing costs - and how do they compare with going directly through Schwab? - Does USAA provide dedicated Advisors to service these accoints or are the Schwab Advisors utilized?


Thank you for your interest in Investments through USAA with Schwab. Here is a link to learn more...


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I had only recently added a brokerage account to my long held IRA when the accounts wer sold off to Schwab (CS) and Victory Capital (VC).  This has been nothing but a headache for me.  One of the biggest problems with CS is their error messages.  Many do not accurately reflect what is really wrong.  I have called this to their attention many times (I was a computer programmer for 25 years in a previous life) and yet they do nothing about it.  When my IRA was at VS (I have since transferred to CS and closed the accounts) it took between 9 & 11 days for VC to CUT A CHECK and MAIL it to CS the first time I transferred an account.  When looking to invest in Tesla before the split, this was an eternity and a whole lot of lost value.  Needless to say, I, and at least one of my brothers, am not happy about the divestiture, but who am I to say, I'm just a 40 year customer.