Investment Dashboard and Quarterly Estimated Taxes

I'm looking at the new, Schwab-inspired Investment Dashboard, and still find it much harder to support my federal quarterly estimated taxes compared to my Victory-inspired mutual fund tools. A "Use Case" that needs to be incorporated into these tools is one that answers the question, "For calendar year 2019, what are my long-term capital gains, short-term capital gains, and dividends to date for each of my holdings?" Other company's tools allow you to select "all transactions this calendar year" or "all transactions in the prior calendar year" and download that as a .csv file. Then I can use a spreadsheet to filter that to find the year's totals for those income sources. But not USAA/Schwab.


Is there a way to do this that I just can't see? Looks like I have to do it one quarter at a time and then merge the results myself?