Invest in Schools and Not Just Specific Groups

If we are so concerned with equality - and continually pushing that education is the best equalizer - take that 50 million and put it into schools across the country to improve the education levels where lacking.  When it comes to jobs and businesses - everyone - whether white, black, hispanic, asian - should all be equal.  Opportunities should be based on qualifications and abilities, no one should be kept from advancing. Every child in this country is provided 12 years of free education and we need to improve and equalize the quality of that education so each student is on an equal playing field.   That is where monies should be invested not in racial or gender or  orientation specific groups. 


I agree with your comments about the value of education!  However, your words, "should all be equal. . ." & "Opportunities should be based on qualifications . . " are most often not equal or opportunistic for minorities.  And, has not been so for generations.  I support USAA in its' focus.  It is innovative and long overdue!  I am proud USAA is a leader in diversity.  And, making the financial committment to improve our minority communities.