Intrusive Questions, No Explanation, Poorly Trained & Arrogant Staff

Has anyone else gotten the threat that account access will be disabled within 3 logins from the USAA homepage if you don't answer detailed questions about your deposit and card accounts?


Given I ONLY can use USAA from the website, I found the experience offputting, so I called in to understand WHY I was being asked these questions, especially about planned future credit card purchases, which is not required for any compliance purpose that I know of.  Well I wasn't the only - apparently no one at USAA knows why either (4 calls, conversations with 6 different staff members).


I remember when talking to a USAA rep gave one a sense of confidence and accountability.  Now, wait times are longer than ever, staff seem poorly informed and anxious to pawn off a quesiton they can't answer to someone else as quickly as possible.  What started out as a simple inquiry turned into an 'office of the CEO' escalation where no one returned my call for week and staff were very defensive ultimately giving me vague answers that the Patriot Act requires USAA to ask some stuff and the deposit agreement informed me they can shut off access whenever they feel like it.


20+ year member - they don't care.  USAA has grown too big and doesn't provide what it used to provide - good, reliable customer service.


@Virginia_Pete, Thank you for sharing how those questions made you feel.  As part of the USA Patriot Act and Bank Secrecy Act, banks are required to know their customers and understand their intended activities. USAA is a compliant company and must take action if this information is not provided to us. Our intent is to be in compliance. I will be sending your feedback for review and we very much appreciate your sharing the experience from your perspective. ~ Suzy

I understand. I felt it was annoying too but working for a software company; when it comes to security and website features; the internal dev team implemented the features and they didn’t send an updated call script to support who are trained to resolve account problems. If no one provides the information then they won’t have it. Not saying it’s right but, it’s a little outside the support role and they would have to connect you directly with the development team and that usually doesn’t happen. Again, I was irritated too but I shrugged it off.

@Jay007, Thank you for your understanding. I will forward your feedback as well. It is good to have different perspectives. We appreciate your membership.  ~Suzy