how much interest does Usaa pay for a savings account


Hello and thank you for your inquiry. To review our annual percentage yield for our savings account, please go to the following link: Thank you so much and let us know if we can further assist you!

0.05% on regular savings. Plenty of brick and mortar  banks have equally dismal rates but have the advantage of local customer service. Internet based banks have significantly higher yields- we moved essentially all of our money from USAA to Ally Bank and receive a rate of 0.6%- 12 times more than USAA. USAA tries to pretend it's your local hometown bank, but they are at best a disreputable internet-based bank with truly inferior customer service.

To be honest, it doesn't matter. Savings account rates are so low right now it's almost not worth the hassle. Money markets aren't much better. I use money markets to keep my emergency fund in, about $15K. I would have made more money by avoiding the stop at Chick Fil A on the way back from the bank I set it up at.