I am interested in depositing a sum of money into my checking account, and was curious as to interest percentage, if any, on that account.


Hi there!  Great question,  Since rates change frequently, we recommend to view the rates offered thru the products tab.  Once you select Products > Checking account you may scroll down to view rates..

Pandion, don't decide to come here for the interest rates, that is for sure. USAA has some good tools for checking that you really don't see anywhere else that helps you balance your checkbook so to speak by adding future transactions manually and you can even make them recurring, so you don't have to enter month after month. They have the savings booster tool which automatically moves money each paycheck and the difference between that and doing an auto transfer is that the booster is editable, so one month you can have it take out 100 per paycheck and the next month 50 or 150, whatever you want basically. Interest rates are not good here, there are ways around it, a money market mutual fund with USAA for example that you can use as a higher interest savings account. They do have Fidelity mutual funds and ETFs here commission free, if you decide you want to keep everything in one place, it is far from perfect and I am the first to let USAA know, but for a one stop shop, it could be worse.