Interest Rates

USAA has been good to me and, by and large, easy to deal with over the past 30 years.

I am a happy customer. 

I have an annuity with USAA, and currently get paid 1.84% interest per annum on the cash balance.

Is this rate going to rise as interest rates go up?

How long will the rise lag behind the Federal Reserve raising rates?

It is already three months and no raise yet.

I guess I am asking when do money market rates rise like they did in the early 1980's?

Anybody have insight into this?   

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The longer the rates stay the same at USAA--they'll be the ones making the money off of yours. Have to seen what they pay for simple things like CDs, Savings, Checking, etc? All you have to do is look at a couple of other financial institutions to see the difference. Good Luck.


USAA CSR: No need to escalate. I no longer have any financial/investment dealings with USAA.

Hi there, thank you for reaching out to you.  We will send you a private message on  Pls keep an eye for the alert for a new message from us. ~JD