I don’t complain very much but.. my rental property insurance was under 500$..... then after a claim that was not my fault.... it jumped to $667 the next year... which I accepted but now after another year without any new claims or policy changes... aside from that one. It’s up to $731.... that’s 10%.... thankfully I’m selling the unit before the renewal date.. I will cancel the policy and I will call around for rates on my cars and primary residence... maybe it’s time to cash out on my subscriber account...

I just don’t understand the company direction... you lost my 800k in investments after selling the brokerage to Schwab .. if I move my insurance too.. then it’s done... I don’t need “just” a checking account...


@Jay007, I'm sorry to hear about the increase in rates and your recent experience with USAA. I have located your account and have forwarded your concerns to the appropriate area for additional review. ~Danielle

I never knew the USAA community forum existed until I was trying to discover what others thought about USAA endorsing the racialist and extremist BLM agenda and movement, but I think USAA is trying to keep this quiet (I was told of the BLM alignment directly by [personal info. removed], Advocacy Advisor after a considerable effort to discover the extent USAA has become a supporter of intimidation, hate, destruction, and violence).

Anyway, since then I have learned that I'm not the only one who has realized USAA performance, customer service, and all around has diminished to such an extent that there is no reason to stay with them for either banking or insurance, regardless of the politcal radicalism and partisanship. The reason I'm replying to a USAA employee response post is that I've observed these repsonses seem to be a very scripted:  "I'm sorry to hear about....I will forward your concerns."  If a real person is actually writing these replies I can imagine they are frustrated, essentially blowing off member's concerns and problems, albiet in a polite way.

I think USAA is following a new business model where they hope they can get things past the members without their noticing and/or complaining. This includes severely diminished customer service, abysmal rates on saving-checking- and CD accounts, their staunch support of BLM politics and activism, and insurance rate increases as in your case. We moved the vast majority of our money to another bank with a savings interest rate that 15-20 times higher than USAA- everytime they change the rate, higher or lower, they notify us. I've never known USAA, even when they had honor and integrity, to do such a thing ("you think our return rates are terrible now? we're going lower them even further so your interest on 10s of thousands of dollars will be pennies a month!").


There is no particular reason to remain with USAA under the direction of the new CEO.

They used to be the insurance company nobody could beat. I don't know what happened.
I pulled my auto insurance to combine with my business vehicle insurance because they wouldn't insure my big truck. Now the homeowners is renewing and I'm shopping around and have been told $200 to $500 cheaper annually which is amazing. Now I'm also shopping our rental and so far have been told $225 cheaper.
I don't know what's going on with them but I'm done.