I recently sold my car. I have called about my refund. Was told a check will be mailed. Have not received it. How can I receive a refund and not a credit.


Hi @Bunny111, when changes are made to your policy that result in a credit, the credit is applied onto your bill. If there's no premium to be applied toward, a check is mailed to you for the refunded amount. You can review recent billing adjustments by selecting the Pay Bills option and then recent activity. We're happy to review your bill and discuss options that may be available to send your refund or confirm info that we've discussed previously. So that we can access your account and provide more info, please begin a new chat when logged into your account or call us at 800-531-8722. Our team is available now as of 6am CST this morning and are ready to assist you with your account and answer any additional questions. -Lori G