I've been an extremely loyal member for over 50 years and a number of times I've checked with other insurance companies to compare rates. I was always told "thanks but we can't compete with USAA". When USAA expanded membership eligibility I told everyone I knew to jump on USAA. In every single case,without a single exception, they have told me USAA is not competitive. My brother has been a member for 33 years and just cancelled because they were no longer competitive. What happened and should I start looking at alternatives myself?


@JayHawk71- Hi, thank you for being a part of USAA for over 50 years, we appreciate your long time membership.  I understand that no member wants to pay more for insurance. As a result, we constantly evaluate competitiveness, member feedback, and emerging trends. Ensuring competitiveness is a major focus for us while still providing the best in service and claims experiences for our members. Auto rates can differ on many different factors that can vary by state and can include such things as vehicle type, driving record, driver age, state changes, increasing medical costs, increasing costs for materials and labor, and claims trends to name a few. We also consider any discounts and savings our members are qualified to receive based on their tenure, overall relationship, and payment history with USAA. When I see large premium differences I recommend reviewing and comparing the policy contracts. Often times the coverages can look the same, but the way they're applied may differ. Frequently we discover that we provide our insureds with better value when the policies are compared holistically. Have you or those close to you had a chance to do this with one of our insurance professionals? ~Shawna

Shop around and you will be surprised at what you find.  I left USAA after 40 years.  What has intentionally been done to USAA is a disgrace.

Thank you so much, I am planning on leaving. USAA has become a disgrace.

Hello, @tom415. I'm concerned to read you feel this way. Is there any way we can assist you at this time? ~ Steven

I'm jumping ship next month after 24 years.  USAA has been in a steady decline for at least the last ten years.  Both my homeowner's and auto policies have more than doubled.  

@Maidese, I am saddened to read about your move away from USAA after 24 years of membership.  We certainly get your concerns about rates increasing for your insurance needs and service declining within recent years.  This is not the experience we want our members to have and understand your reason for leaving and hope we are able to assist you again down the road with your insurance needs.  When ready, please don't hesitate reaching out to us via chat, phone or through USAA's social media channels.  Thank you again for your 24 years of membership with USAA.  ~Marco

USAA intentionally changed its main focus to growth at all costs in order to enrich it's CEO and upper management. USAA is no longer competitive (in my case no longer competitive by a significant amount of money and that's after 40 years of membership) and can be beaten on every product they offer.  Best to shop around and start saving money and experience way better customer service.

@Bigbb, sorry to hear we are no longer competitive for you. Have we had an opportunity to provide you a quote recently? -Cynthia

For car insurance, I just renewed for the 3rd yearly policy since leaving USAA and am now paying $5,200.00/year less than I was paying USAA for better coverage.  (ie: full coverage on the 4th vehicle while USAA was charging me for it being in storage.)  Before I left USAA, USAA could do nothing for me to lower the rates except to reduce the coverage which was unacceptable.  To quote my sibling, who had been with USAA longer than me, USAA has just become too expensive.  It is an absolute shame and disgrace what has been intentionally done to USAA.  Quit resting on your past laurels, they are long gone and USAA's commercials are just lies.  Fire the upper management and replace them with people whose main object is to revert USAA back to the great company it used to be.  But, I do not see that happening at all.  Too bad.  You lost my business after 40 years of paying USAA, my siblings business and just about any other USAA member who takes the time to shop USAA's prices.  Never would I have ever thought that USAA would degrade to the point is has and continues to degrade.  Just read the posts on this forum.