I'm currently in the middle of an auto insurance claim, which USAA insurance initially started to handled,  Once the other parties insurance had accepted liability they paid me back for my out of pocket expenses.  I deposited the funds via mobile deposit, they put a six day hold on my funds (claimed it was from something adverse in June of 2014; when I got escaleted to an Executive Resolution Team Member she said there was overdrafts on my account, I asked when she stated system showed 2 in Sep. of this year.  I asked for details and she explained to me there were none and she had to note the account.  To add further insult I called the issuing Insurance company (GEICO) and they had already received notification from their bank (Bank of america) that the check was cleared on 10/1/2015, I called BofA to inquire and after getting bounced around for over an hour they verified the draft had cleared on the night of 10/1/2015.  What is going on with USAA?  I will be moving my banking to a local bank as soon as this issue is resolved. 


Hi Rattman,

Your comment has been escalated to a banking specalist who will be reaching out to your personally. Thank you!