Insurance Policy Lapsing

Anyone else have this problem?  I've had a Whole Life policy on automatic payment with USAA for the last 15 years.   All of a sudden my account homepage says it will lapse in September.  I checked my July payment and it was debited but never made it to the credit on the account.  Money is still gone however with USAA saying it's in some holding account while "IT" works the issue.  Yeah.  For the last month no resolution.  USAA says don't worry about it, they are on it.  I say put it in writing.  Nothing.  My August payment now doesn't go through even.  My account homepage still says the account will lapse in September while USAA keeps me in the dark.  Good times.  Now drafting up a formal complaint to the California Insurance Commissioner.   I've been a member with USAA for more than 25 years.  The company has gone completely downhill.  I can only imagine the backhanded treatment USAA doles out to lesser off members and military when it treats a several fold 7-figure in assets member like me as such.  Even though I'm retired Army now, I would say the Navy adage of "abandon ship" is more timely and appropriate at this point.

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Good morning @pmsdecar, USAA Life Company will be reaching out to you later today to address your concerns.  ~Marco