I would like to hear from CEO Parker, on his strategy in fighting fraud; externally and internally.  It is tremendously sad to hear and read all the fraud cases just within USAA.  With the upcoming Wells Fargo incident and the numerous fraud being seen within USAA members, I believe members deserve to know.  Security page, needs to be revamped and members need to understand that fraud is real, and yes USAA has fallen victim. Unfortunately my account feel victim to fraud and the only answers I get from the fraud department are, “corrective action was taken and no further action is needed.” I’m not quite sure if USAA feels because I did receive my funds back, case closed, but I need more.  Once some becomes victimized of fraud, one feels like they have been violated. Therefore I am forwarding on with an investigation, which was recommended by the USAA fraud department, if I wanted to know more details about the incident.  This will help me better understand the fraud my account fell victim to.  To have closure. 


I know how, yet I just can’t seem to grasp my head around it.  How did it become possible? Why were there no red flags till it was too late?  Who was the other member or was it a fraudulent account?  What are the corrective actions that are being done to prevent the same fraud to happen again?  These are just some questions I feel I deserve as member.  However, it’s bigger than that.  I need and want to make sure USAA is doing everything in their power to safeguard the interests of their members, our military families, who need one less thing to worry about.