Why Do I Have This

I have been a USAA customer for over 26 years and am starting to get alarmed.  Does anyone else notice the increasing fees, charges, and privacy intrusions creeping into USAA's frequently changing policy?  USAA's disclaimer is that it helps fight terrorism and money laundering but having been in the military for a long time, I can say this is disingenuous.  Inceased fees are more like so the USAA CEO and managers can play golf at our expense.  And any money launder with an IQ above 80 would not use a bank in the US like USAA.  Just curious if I need to start looking elsewhere for banking and insurance needs.  Any suggestions are appreciated. 


I am with you brother.. 

Hello, @NJTom. We're certainly concerned to read that this has been your experience. Our ultimate mission is to ensure and maintain that all of our members' experiences still meet the highest standard of excellence. I will be sending your feedback to the appropriate area for further consideration and any necessary support. Thank you for hanging in there. ~ Steven

Thanks Steve but I have already informed USAA of my concerns.  I felt compelled to relate my experience with USAA to other members so they can be alert to possible unexpected increases but on further consideration removed my review.   

Shop around.  You wil do better than USAA.