I don't understand how my auto premiums keep increasing, no traffic violations and rarely even drive my car. Also they won't let me change my PIP which in Michigan is the highest in the country. Maybe if they cut back on all the advertising they are doing, they could accutaely help their members whom have beem with them for years!!


Hello @redgirl116, I definitely understand your concerns about premiums increasing.  We thank you for your great driving history and USAA recognizes those with additional savings.  We certainly want to make sure you have the appropriate coverage, however, you had me concerned about not being able to adjust your policy.  Have you spoken to our insurance specialists recently about your concerns as well as reviewing your annual mileage for additional savings? ~Marco

Shop around.  USAA's auto insurance rates can easily be beaten by other companies.  You will get a better value for your money and way better customer service.  This version of USAA is not the version of the past.


Google "USAA CEO Compensation" and you will see why your rates constantly increase.  The need the money to pay the USAA CEO's obscene salary.