Increase in Premiums due Florida Disaster

The disaster in Florida is naturally extremely difficult and being concerned with premium increases is secondary to providing relief to those suffering now. But having been a USAA member for over 60 years, I know the member living in Lonesome Dove, USA will be notified  premiums go up with explanation that the claim load for Florida homeowners (many right in flood zones ) will require your coverage to be increased. 

Tell me USAA, I am wrong that past history is not harbinger in relation to Florida?


Thank you.



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They do not care about the customers. All they care about is making money. Screw the hard working veterans and make a buck at every turn.

@ILLINI, we truly appreciate your long time membership of more than 60 years! We are committed to supporting all members, especially when disasters strike. This support includes continuously reviewing our rates and aiming to provide all of our members with quality products at competitive prices. I can certainly see how potential premium increases are concerning and we are here for you to address your concerns. To best serve you, if you could please connect with our insurance professionals via chat on, on the mobile app, or at #800-531-8722 so may assist further with reviewing your policy details, the available discounts in your location, and when your renewal is coming up so we can continue the conversation. We are grateful for you reaching out and we look forward to hearing from you so we may help further with your concerns. Thank you, Paula.   

Forget about calling the number. They have zero knowledge and can not do a single thing for the customers except make them more angry. They have a truck load of excuses for everything. If it comes to making a buck they will screw over the customer.

As a veteran myself, I want to thank you for your service. I am deeply saddened to read you feel this way about us. I am going to forward your account with your concerns for review. While I can't provide a specific time, I appreciate your patience while waiting for a response from this area. -Nick