Has anyone else noticed an increase in their insurance in the last year? Every six months, USAA raised me auto insurance about $20 dollars. They gave back $28 dollars and some change for dividend but it went back to the insurance. Why is the liability for auto ins so high in Georgia? By the way, all my vehicles are paid for.


This is a specific question that cannot be answered here in the forums. Please contact a member representative using the CONTACT US button on usaa.com or by calling 210-531-8722 or 1-800-531-8722. 

After about 25 years with USAA, I too noticed premium increases and started shopping around. I have shopped around in the past and no one came close to beating USAA's premiums. I switched to another reputable company and am saving about $400 a year for more coverage! I wanted to stay with USAA because of their excellent reputation and service, but at a time when our dollars are not going as far as they once did, every bit of savings helps.

Mary O,

Thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry you were not happy with the rate but do understand. 

The same thing has happened with my insurance premium. Usaa gave back credit in dividends but doubled the insurance. I deleted a car that was older that had a V6 engine and less safety features (maxima) with a newer car (toyota) with less miles 4 cylinder and more safety features and they increased the insurance. When I called I was told Toyota's are more expensive to repair (really).

Dear Jamming,

We would like to get someone in touch with you to review your auto insurance and see if we can continue to meet your needs. If you could please send us a message here and include the concerns you posted as well as the best way to contact you and an auto insurance specialist will be reaching out to you. Thank you.

F;prida Farm Bureau...I have since moved to Virginia and have switched back to USAA. They were competitve in this state.

Same answer I received when I queried them about my car insurance premium jumping substantially after I purchased a newer(2015) Volvo to replace our 2004 Volvo, after 30 yrs, went with another company that I’m not allowed to mention and saved $240 a year, with better coverage
Mary O are you able to share the name of the new insurance company. I would like to give them a call.

Alot of things get taken into consideration when a business sells a product. Just like any other good business they have to offer the best product possible for the most competitive price they can but at the same time providing the business and its employees a competitive place to operate/work. Many times with respect to auto insurance especially, the circumstances are not always related to you. They have to take into consideration where you live, the criminal activity and paid out claims as a whole and collectivly the cost of doing business in that area VS. the amount they have paid out in claims. My last insurance company raised my rates almost fifty dollars over a six month polcy without and notice and I was not happy once I found out it had nothing to actually do with me. I calmed down after it was explained to me that the summer before when there was a big fire in my state that put a very big stress on their ratio of income to pay out they had no choice but to raise the rates across the board. It wouldnt be fair to just raise them on those who put in a claim because a fire burned down their house or something like that. All I know is I love USAA and the service should you ever have a basic or much more involved claim is amazing.


Hope I helped anyone reading this. Sorry for being long winded