Incorrect credit reporting to Experian

In late December I noticed that for no reason my credit score tumbled more than 45 points
I then received notice from Experian that my USAA credit card was no longer honored by USAA. I called USAA and was told don’t worry if was just a glitch by the credit card company and it would be fixed immediately. I asked what credit card company, isn’t USAA my credit card company?
He hemmed and hawed and repeated don’t worry it will be taken care of. Two months had passed and still nothing was done. I called USAA again and got the same runaround. However this time the agent said this would be taken care of immediately and that I would receive a letter better explaining the entire situation
Guess what 2 more months have passed and nothing. It is still on my credit report and no help from USAA
Now 2 months later, with nothing having been done I have been advised to seek relief at the WV Magistrate level. Nice way for USAA to treat a veteran. I am almost ready to contact our local television station as they are having a credit scam section of their newscast everyday next week.
Has anyone else been treated like this?
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Same thing happened to me with my usaa credit card. Equifax texted me a notification that usaa had made a change to my credit report. I contacted them and got the same runaround as you did. I even submitted paperwork/documentation to prove it, and they still ignored me. A few weeks later, they sent me one of those standard responses saying that the changes were correct. That after they insisted that they had NOT initiated any changes/updates to my credit file. That was all the motivation I needed to drop every banking/investment product that I had with them since the 1980s. If you Google "USAA and Government fines" you see that they just aren't the same organization that we knew 20+yrs ago. Things have changed and you now have to rely on yourself for financial protection/security. Don't let the commercials convince you otherwise. Good luck.

USAA CSR: No need to forward this info to your SMEs since I discontinued my banking/investment business with usaa a few years ago.