My late husband and I have been members for 22 years.  Back then you could go to there office and talk to someone if you were in San Antonio.  Is there any office still open to personal service face to face conversation.  I would like to talk to the same person instead of having to explain my story over and over. After awhile you get a different answer from each individual.  Right now I am going round and round trying to get my problem straight.  Like I said each person on the phone tells me something different.


@Critter98, I'm sorry to read about your frustration. I can understand wanting the continuity and being able to avoid sharing your story multiple times with many different people. I am forwarding your concerns to the appropriate area for further review. ~Danielle

USAA, I have been trying to talk to the appropriate person for 4 months on my issue. No return phone call, no response!! You can't promise this to one person and not the other. Please have the appropriate person contact me, the lack of response from USAA is UNACCEPTABLE!!

I know what you mean, it seems like every time I call I get a different answer. Last summer, they blocked my accounts because I used my credit card at the family cabin where I've been going for decades. They didn't just put a fraud alert on the card, they blocked all online access to my accounts, and then when one rep restored it, they blocked it again! I should have moved all my accounts then.


Just now, they locked my (minor) daughter's account, and someone told her over the phone that she needed to photocopy her passport and send the page through US Mail! I work with cybersecurity people in my job, and that set off alarm bells. I called back and the rep said there were no notes about that being needed, and the profile didn't seem to require it. Not every teenager has a passport or other ID anyway! After 30+ years with USAA, I've about had it.