Impossible to contact USAA's web development staff

I've been trying to link my PennyMac mortgage account to my USAA web financial information.  I've been getting a temorarily unavailable message for months when trying to updae this account.  If I go in and redo the access credentials the connection is made and PennyMac downloads transactions visible in a window, but dates of transactions do not show and the process doesn't continue each day to update this account.


It seems to be impossible to contact USAA's web development staff to report bugs, connection failures and suggest improvements.  The automated help doesn't understand anything related to the WEB site behavior, the Message USAA doesn't have any way to message the WEB development staff.  The only route to USAA is to try and call someone, but whom?  This isn't a bank or insurance issue, but a WEB issue.  Also, calling to try to reach a human results in long waits, hideous advertising music and reaching peope that have no clue how to help and are not empowered to get you to a Web person that can help.

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Thank you for your USAA membership @PDerby and certainly get your concerns with your current issue in linking an account to your USAA profile.  To better assist you in addressing your questions about, please reach out to our Website Support Center at 877-632-3002 to speak with our specialists.  I hope you are able to resolve your online issues when you get a chance to speak with them.  Thank you again for your membership and we look forward to hearing from you soon.  ~Marco