USAA should waive interest charges on credit card balances if it "really wants to help" the membership. Job losses are going to skyrocket in the coming weeks, and not making money on the backs of folks who are suddenly out of work woiuld be a great place to start.


@How to help, Thank you so much for that feedback I have already forwarded it. If you are impacted financially by the Corona Virus National Emergency, please chat or call 210-531-8722 so that we can see what options may be available to you. Thank you and take care of yourself.  ~Tom

Not going to happen.  Since Stuart Parker destroyed USAA, all USAA is interested in is USAA.

@Bigbb, thank you for your comment. We'd like to understand what has happened to make you feel this way. Please respond with specific situations so I can ensure that your concerns are addressed by the appropriate teams. ~DC

I can help you I have a USAA Amex.  I was told yesterday that they will be doing a 3 month deferment.  I call this morning at 0830 ET to be told it was submitted and I would get a letter in 7-10 days what was going to happen.  So here is your list.

1.  USAA is vague   Can you not say what you are doing over the phone.

2.  Why do you need to approve.  Do you need someone to tell you that Covid-19 is affecting us.

3.  Do you really need to check credit to see if they can do the payment.

4.  If someone has no late payments in years why would they call you to resolve the issue.



We understand there may be instances because of the impacts of COVID-19 that members may find themselves facing financial difficulties. We encourage members who may be impacted to reach out to discuss how we might be of assistance, including:

• Special payment arrangements on auto and property insurance premiums and waived late fees

• Special payment arrangements on life and health insurance policies

• Waived and/or reimbursed deductibles or co-payments for Coronavirus-related testing for members who have USAA Medicare supplement plans

• Special programs for consumer loans and credit cards



To have your account reviewed by an account specialist, contact 210-531-8722 or Chat via Contact Us

For more details see  ~ Lori C

@diferminds, This is not how we want you to feel. I will forward your concerns to the appropriate area to review. ~ Lori C

Keep forwarding your management does not respond.  This company is a failure.  OIC needs to look at this place with all the alledged rules they come up with.

So the 60 minutes yesterday I spent on the phone being told NO.  NO we can't do that.  NO that is not possible.  You say on here what you can do BUT YOU DO NOT DO IT.  

Why do I feel this way?  As a 40 year member, I experienced rate increases on my auto insurance every 6 months.  All it took was an hour to shop around for me to find auto insurance 30% cheaper than USAA for better coverage.  So much for USAA's loyalty to me for 40 years of paying USAA.


As USAA's all out drive to increase membership under Stuart Parker's leadership, USAA's auto insurance rates became less competitive and the customer service went down the toilet. (just look at the posts)  Maybe, instead of increasing membership, USAA focus should have focused on its core values to provide excellent insurance at rates no other company can beat and superior customer service.  To me, when USAA lost it's focus, USAA became all about USAA and no amount of commercials can change that.  I wonder what General McDermott would think of USAA now if here were alive?  USAA really needs a General McDermott to put it back on course.  However, I do not see that happening.