Identity and Profile Fraud

Since September of 2021, four different "names" have been added my to personal profile.  Each time this happens (and it always a new name), I call USAA.  The amount of time spent on the phone trying to find out and understand HOW this keeps happening is insane!  Each time I am "grilled" by USAA - "are you sure you do not know this person or that person?" It's insulting.  I do not understand how someone can  add their name to my account profile.  When I added my children, I had to provide information.  I suppose the writing is on the wall and we all need to high tail it out of USAA.  It's crazy to even imagine this is the same bank that we started with in 2003.

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@Maddy79. we are saddened to read of your experience with this.  I will escalate this to be reviewed by the appropriate area. Thank you for letting us know what is happening. ~JD