If this not been brought up before there is quite a sophisticated scam going on where someone leaves a message on your phone that you must call the IRS to settle A outstanding debt. It asks you to call an 800 number and when I called out of curiosity it was answered by someone with a foreign accent who identify themselves as an IRS agent. This group was very sophisticated and when I started asking pertinent questions the agent gave me an identification number hand then threatened that proceedings were in place at the local sheriff's office to attached leins to my land and property. If I had not knownthe IRS's practices, I might have been taken in. Initially they have asked for my full social security number to quote confirm unquote my identity. I kept them online; asking different questions and identifying as much as I could about them. I then call the IRS. We Agent in the IRS informed me that they were aware of this scam and indeed it was posted on their website. Unfortunately for the general public unlike minor news this is not been made widely public. From past dealings the IRS will not contact you by phone and deal with you in this way. As I say they were very sophisticated well spoken seem to know the right things to say to make you think you were actually dealing with an agent. Be very careful everyone.


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