Why is USAA so anxious to send our money to Schwab and Victory?




Thank you for taking the time to post in community. I wanted to share this page- which goes into details about USAA's agreement with Victory Capital. I hope it addresses some of your questions. Thanks again. 




What was the cost?  Why are the members not able ta access fincancial information on USAA?  Such as advertising costs?  Would the mone you spent on advertising be better spent on taking care of members?    Then you would not need to advertise!   How much is spent on advertising?  USAA is a reciprocal  exchange company.  The policholders own it. Why are they not being informed?  I wrote to the CEO and did not even get a response.

@Ed the adjuster, we appreciate all your questions. I will be forwarding the the appropriate area to review. Thank you. ~ Suzy