After a 43 year partnership with USAA, they have abandoned me and ignore my request for help.

Being a 100% disabled vetern, my wife needed to supplement our income so she decided to start a jewelry business.

From my readings, I thought we needed 6 months of actual sales prior to getting a business loan, so we purchased our inventory using cash and credit cards.. Essentially, USAA and DISCOVER allowed me to run up $70,000 in credit card debt, but now USAA refuses a debt consolidation loan request to help manage that debt.

Despite sufficient cash flow to pay such a debt consolidation loan, USAA refuses to even make one, because I've no history of such a loan. I consider that an incoherent excuse. Of course I never had a $70,000 personal loan before. If I hadn't been allowed to run up $70,000 in credit card debt, I would not have the problem in the first place. How can USAA and DISCOVER enable one to take on such a debt, yet now claim it is too much to allow?

I've offered to consolidate all my debt with USAA, (so that USAA pays off the credit card debt and I never touch the money) authorize direct monthly loan payments from my checking account, collaterize the debt with real assets, etc, but all I can get after 43 years is "WE CAN'T GET THERE FROM HERE".

They cannot loan me $70,000 because I have $70,000in credit card debt, despite the fact that the loan would extinguish that credit card debt! Their real answer is "WE WON'T HELP YOU!". 



Dear Disabled Vet,

Thank you for your long time membership and for your service. I have asked a banking specialist to look into your situation and they will be in touch with you personally. Thank you.

Dear Disabled Vet and FullBird,

I have removed both of your comments following your initial discussion as the purpose of the community is to create an environment that makes everyone feel they can express themselves. We encourage spirited debate, but do not allow personal attacks. Thank you both for understanding.



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