My husband died in July 2012. Due to an old will that we were in the process of updating I lost my home and everything I owned down to my underwear. Soon after that I made a purchase at a "home party" of some candles. I had to swipe my debit card and put in my pin code. I was living in my parents dining room while my step daughter destroyed my files...mail...etc. soon after that I realized my accounts were wiped out of over 35000.00. I notified usaa but they closed the case saying I wasnt being diligent. I was paying for experian...and they kept saying they would send claim forms. Didnt happen. Basically I have been told I am SOL. USAA should be closed down by the fdic. Thanks for the help!



I’m sorry to hear about what happened and would like to have a specialist research your situation. Please provide some additional details by clicking here and USAA will contact you soon.