I've been with USAA a long time but ....

Over the past couple years, service has badly dropped off. It used to be much better. Now the Automated Idiot that can't answer anything is available 24/7.  Not against AI if it works! USAA's does not. 


Further the new homepage (I'm guessing the redesign was to make it better on mobile so that when there are updates they only have to do one set instead of a separate set for desktop?) absolutely Sucks! Can't find anything that I used to use on a regular basis. 


All in all, very disappointing. So I'm seriously looking now for a better bank. Anyone have a suggestion? My requirements are:


- Great customer service

- User friendly interface


Your suggestions welcome.

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Service and support has been better in the past. They need to stop spending money on TV ads and spend on their support and service. It also wouldn't hurt to see bigger dividend check.

I agree. Really unbelievably poor service has become the norm. Now when I see this company bragging about supporting military families, it just makes me angry. USAA was the absolute best for many years, but current management has completely wrecked it. Moving all my accounts elsewhere.

Hello @pesky customer, I'm sorry to hear of this. We definitely do not want to see you go I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. ~Sarah 

I agree wholeheartedly that USAA has degraded into a subpar bank that only pretends to cater to, much less understand, the military community.  Of course, why would that be a big surprise when since General Robles returned successive USAA leadership has had virtually no quality military experience.


Things started to deteriorate, IMO, with the website update fiasco about a month ago.  The gross incompetence of whoever USAA assigned to manage that website update triggered over 3-hour hold times to reach a customer service representative.  It took them well over a week to solve that issue.  SInce then, hold times are better, but not by much.  For decades -- and even just prior to the website update fiasco -- I rarely experienced any hold time and at worst maybe 5 minutes.  Today, however, it can still top 40 minutes to 1.5 hours.  This is unacceptable and were anybody in my unit to exhibit such poor leadership I would ensure they received a bad conduct discharge.  


Then there is the new MOET mandatory membership survey.  The only thing USAA does when members complain is lie.  Yes, they lie.  They will give you the KYC song and dance, but I have spoken with the OCC and members of the Senate Banking Committee.  KYC does not require an individual's net worth.  USAA has just took it upon themselves to recruit personnel who can only resort to Gestapo tactics.


If you have a net worth significantly higher than your annual salary (which anybody who has shown stellar financial habits for most of their career should), they will threaten you with account closure unless you provide tax returns and other intrusive documentation within less than two weeks.  


Unless USAA makes serious changes, the best thing you can do is give them a Dishonorable Discharge.


Alternatives to USAA are, on the civilian side, Chase.  Navy Federal and PenFed are also great options.  Not only do they offer rates significantly higher than those offered by USAA, but you will never experience long hold times when you need to call.  Navy Federal even offers 24/7 phone support, something USAA does not.  Credit card rewards at both Navy Federal and PenFed are significantly better than at USAA.  Mortgages?  USAA has the worst mortgage department in America.  I have known at least 100 members of my various units that have had horrible experience with USAA mortgages. On the other hand, Navy Federal and PenFed are always stellar.  

For those who think they want a NFCU account, my advice would be to keep your USAA account also, and take advantage of the strengths of each institution.

You may find out pretty quickly that NFCU employs just about the dumbest people on the Earth.

My first incident was when I cashed a payroll check for $275, or some such, at a branch. They give me $275 cash AND deposit that same amount into my account. I never could convince them they'd done that. Always expect complete dumbness from those folks.

I can withdraw from an ATM and USAA charges me nothing. NFCU will charge me a dollar.

I can Block / Unblock my cards at will with USAA. If I Block a card at NFCU, after about the third time I have to call to get a card Unblocked and listen to them tell me I can't use the function how I want.

At the same time, if I want to buy a new F-150, I'm going to finance through Ford and then immediately re-finance with NFCU because they'll pay me $200 to re-finance through them. This at a rate that will always be lower than USAA.

For my needs, which are simple, each institution has their own strengths and weaknesses. There's no reason you can't use both.


Been a member with USAA since the early 80s and NFCU since the mid 70s.


"You may find out pretty quickly that NFCU employs just about the dumbest people on the Earth."


That's your opinion of course. Guess everyone else is pretty stellar right? I'm not going to bore you with the dumb things that I experienced with USAA with their products--over the past 10-12yrs. There are enough complaints on this website (and many others) about the way things are handled here. Common sense can be hard to find. Just google "Dallas Morning News Duston Hamilton sees a USAA Insurance commercial."


"I can withdraw from an ATM and USAA charges me nothing. NFCU will charge me a dollar."


I get my dollar back from NFCU at the end of the month (lumpsum back to checking) and it doesn't matter what ATM If I use another credit union or CO-OP(and there are a bunch of them) then you don't have to worry about that $1 usage fee . Same for cash withdrawals using a CC--Stateside or overseas.


"I can Block / Unblock my cards at will with USAA. If I Block a card at NFCU, after about the third time I have to call to get a card Unblocked and listen to them tell me I can't use the function how I want."


I have three (Amex/MC/Visa) credit cards with NFCU and always block/unblock them without any issues. I've done it enough times and never run into the issues you state.


Recently had to use their Survivor Support to help my 84 yr old mother while I was overseas and they were great. Provided me regular email/phone updates to her accounts were taking place. They even fedex's a new card to her overseas.


Let's not forget how USAA constantly reminds us how pro-military they are. Guess that applies only to those who live in the US and get manage to get someone on the phone during business hours. Maybe some day USAA will think about putting in 24/7 customer service support like NFCU.


Each might have their strengths--but USAA is selling off a lot of their services and they're still getting in trouble with the federal regulators. You would think they would be smart enough to clean up their act but maybe they're unable to.

Navy Federal

I agree with you! The long hold times are maddening

I'm sorry to hear of the frustration that the long hold times have caused, @Radtke. We are working diligently on resolving this issue for all members, but I will forward your feedback to the team that's handling this area of the business. Remember, you can always chat with us, as well. Our Bank chat representatives are available 24/7, but if the chat link is unavailable, this simply means that all representatives are assisting other members, so please keep trying. - Cathleen

As you will see if you start looking at the various message strings in this customer forum, you are not alone in your disappointment with the degradation of member care (i.e. customer service) especially on the USAA banking side of the house and specifically their IT/web management side of things.  I've been a member for 37 years (loyal to them because they were loyal to me) but recently decided it was time to part ways because of their determination to make changes for the sake of change regardless of the member's needs.

I recommend you take a look at local "hometown"banks to meet your banking needs.  I discovered that my local bank has a "heroes" account for service members, vets and first responders...no fees, all of the same features as USAA (on-line billpay, photo check deposit, etc.) and they're close so if I don't want to utilize my cellphone to take pictures of checks to make deposits, I can just drop it off at the bank...and, for what it's worth, they have better interest rates.  Oh yeah, their customer service is truly concerned about the needs of their customers.

My wife and I (38 year member) began noticing a decline in USAA service several years ago, but were loyal due to their integrity. Once they threw away their integrity and became just another globalist corporation to support socialist and anti-American movements they lost our loyalty, and we transferred pretty much all our assets and business out of USAA. Banking-wise, we happily moved the vast majority of our savings to Ally Bank- an on-line bank that doesn't pretend to be your "neighborhood friendly" as USAA does- and we receive an interest rate (literally) 50 times higher than USAA: 0.5% versus 0.01%. We have several CDs with Ally but don't have a checking account with them, but our few customer rep interactions have been hassle-free. ****  We also started a checking account (along with debit card and credit card) with a small local bank, which indeed turned out to be a "friendly neighborhood" bank; if I need to call them the phone is answered by a person and the wait time is 0, as compared to the dreadful and deceitful USAA automated system. USAA, forgetting about their elitist political extremism, has simply become awful in all aspects of banking, including customer service and rates of return, and any bank that even loosely exists within the boundaries of legality is better than USAA!




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Agree 100%, I've done exactly the same thing.

Hello @Longterm member, I'm sorry to learn that your experience with USAA has not been positive. I have located you in our system and will be forwarding your details to a subject matter for further review. ~Sarah