I posted on here after our car got broken into and Airbnb had screwed us over.. Because USAA Still hadn’t process the claim and The Refund they Gave me from Airbnb, they took out again3 days before Xmas and my daughters 18th Birthday. USAA responded on here and said they would help. But I keep leaving voicemails for the extension they gave and still nothings done. I’m a Navy Widow and I got all my important things stolen from my car, from a suitcase and I’m down $7000 from Airbnb Conning me.. I’ve filed an AG report on Airbnb. But Our whole Christmas and My Autistic daughter couldn’t do anything for her 18th..on Dec 3rd..It was soo bad.. and I really thought they were going to help us.. They said they would Right on here.. Dissapointed..


I have located and forwarded your account with your concerns for review. While I can't provide a specific time, I appreciate your patience while waiting for a response from this area.- Nick