I have been a member for almost 30 years. I play by the rules and not the type to complain, retired military. I had a credit card dispute 10 Dec 2014. Basically, USAA had up to 60 days to make a decision. Kind a simple issue. Bought wife a collector porclain home for $70.64 and when it arrived I opened it up immediately to inspect it. A piece was broken but was missing the broken off piece. In addition, the item was scratched. Due to its condition, it has no value. I contacted the seller within 30 minutes of deilverly, and she asked for pics. I sent them immediately. She stated that she had a no return policy and that paypal would remuburse me. I paid using my USAA credit card thru paypal.

After few days, Paypal found in my favor and instructed me to return the item and I would recieve a full refund.

I contacted seller, she advise just to donate to Goodwill.

USAA advise me they would do investigation and had up to 60 days to make a decisions.

IN 60 days, they never contacted me but did call Paypal and seller.

I provided all emails I had and again tonite. Tonight, USAA Agent Siam asked again  for email documents and I provided all of them except I could not find one that asked for her address but it did have Paypal decision in my favor and her request to donate to Goodwill.I sent these documents (I cut and pasted them for emails) to Siam while we were on the phone. Funny thing is that he really wanted the email concerning my request for her address to sent  item back. I did not have it and I could have easily made one up but I would have voilated my values.


So, is is over 60 days, 4 phone calls and I am tired of dealing with USAA. I have been with USAA for ALMOST 30 YEARS.


I opened a Navy Credit Union account and will transfer my balance and biz to them. 30 YEARS, WOW!!!!

USAA was my first credit card, first auto loan. It was my son's first credit card too.

I have never had a dispute before on credit card .

I have perfect credit, paid for house, and I am credit customer. USAA let me down twice. I cannot let a third time.

I said that I do not complain and here I am complaining.

The reason of this post is to let USAA know that they should treasure their current customers and maybe they would not have to advertise so much for new ones!!!!  You must admit, USAA has alot of commericals, lol.

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USAA wasn't even involved in this. PayPal found in your favor and would have issued a refund had you sent the item back to the seller as they instructed. Why did you contact USAA for a dispute which was unneccesary?

I totally agree. The dispute was really with the seller and PayPal. PayPal told him exactly what to do, but, he failed to do so. Sometimes, it is good to accept when we made a mistake and move on.

Dear BozArmyMan,

I am sorry you have not heard about your claim. I apologize for the lack of communication on this issue. Please send us an email at socialmedia@usaa.com including your member number, the details you provided above and the best way to contact you and we will have someone in touch shortly.

Thank you


*In order to protect your personal information, I have removed your email address from your post.

BozArmyMan's issue is he didn't RTFM. PayPal was in control of the situation. They ordered him to return the merchandise via an accountable delivery service. BozArmyMan failed to follow orders and instead listened to instructions of the merchant, who has absolutely no command of the situation.

Moral of the story, do what you are told. Learn how to follow instructions.

If this had happen to me, which it won't because I am not a fan of Paypal, I would have sent the item back since Paypal instructed me to do so.  They were the one who charged the cc.  I don't blame USAA.  I do think this is a kinda of a petty thing to want to move everything to another bank.  Don't be surprised if the grass isn't any greener on the other side.  Best of Luck to you.

Thank you for those who replied. A few have mentioned that I should have returned the item. I guess I did not make that clear in my post,, so I will try again. The seller had a no return policy and when I asked her for a return address anyway, she told me to donate it to Goodwill. I had the email to provide to USAA concerning the donation but did not keep ask to return address email.

Alot mention that the deal was between Paypa; and I. I had just opened an Ebay and Paypal account for the first time that month when the transaction occurred. Ebay says I have buyer protection and follow steps: contact seller,and try to return the item.Paypal did rule in my favor but wanted item returned.  Ok, I followed this route and did not get a refund. SELLER REFUSED RETURN!

I did have USAA mirrior the entire operations because I did not trust Paypal or Ebay, (I was new to them/no trust yet). Why not? USAA stated that it took up to 60 days to make a decisions. No calls or contacts to me!!! 4 calls I made.

Anyway, thanks for the advice. I tried to follow the rules and there was no way I could return the item....no address....so I am stuck with a broken item and seller got paid!!!!

Oh, well..that is life.

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Pety to Leave over this, Grass is Greener Comment

I have had a couple of

issues with USAA over the years. One with insurance, so I left the insurance. Had insurance with them forever but felt like just a number. Same in this case. This company was setup for officers who needed insurace and was very small and every account/person was special when I joined.

Today, it has changed. Just about anyone can join! Read the comments posted on the net. There are alot of members with time like me who have left. Why? We have seen the change.

Well, thanks.

I do read comments on the net.  I tend to disregard most of the ones posted without a response from the company, as those only to give one side of the issue.  I love to review complaints on the Better Business Bureau site as they have the business reply - which has Paul Harvey use to say "And now for the rest of the story"!  Really interesting the facts people tend to leave out when giving their side.


Also, it seems that USAA must be doing something right that other major insurance companies are not: 



My affilliation with USAA gkesxbaco 35 years, when I was added to my parents auto insurance lolicy as a minor. I established my first individusl accountcwith then three years later. So I too have watched them grow, experienced some effects from a few of their brief periods of growing pains. Had a fewxminkr issues that got under my skin. BUT careful attention, maturity and patience afforded me to gain the wisdom of knowing when, how, to whom and what I should ask that would be a "best question" regarding such type upsets that I may encounter now. And have found that in so doing, USAA ALWAYS provides honest answers and truthful information. Ixhave also held accountsxwith Bank kf America, Wells Fargo and Citibank. I BELIEVE THAT USAA IS THE MOST AUTHENTIC AND HONEST FINANCIAL INSTITUTION which I have know and and held accounts with. In fact USAA is comperable or even more so than a small local bank! Heck USAA even notifies me of mistakes they have made butcthat I never woukd hsve caught. It would takeca great deal more than a dispute over somethimg amounting to a total of less than $100 to pry me away from using them asxmy primary financiak institution!