We have a USAA credit card that is in my husband's name, but I do all the billpaying in the household.  I would like for it to show up in my login, to see how we are spending.  As it stands now i have to use his login info to access this info.  I'm sure there is a way to activate my account to view this info......any help?


We have the same problem. I actually made online payments to my wife's USAA AmEx card and they were credited to my USAA MasterCard. I was charged late fees on the AmEx and it took two months to figure out. I never knew about the late fees until USAA called. My wife never logs in
Yes we did this too so my wife could see all my accounts. You have to call USAA and do a form and scan/email it back but it was pretty easy. The accounts showed up on her login just like mine.

There is a way to do this. Please give a member services representative a call at 800-531-USAA or by using the CONTACT US tab at the top of the USAA website. Thanks!

Why can't you show the solution here? I'm sure a great deal of your customers would like to see the solution as well; not just me. I, personally, prefer online banking because I don't have to deal with a human. The more I can do here, the happier, and more satisfied I am!